Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions! Selecting a Christmas Eve Cocktail

Every Christmas Eve, my big Italian family gathers at my Uncle's house. We eat...we open presents...we eat...we chat (loudly!)...we eat again...did I mention we eat? Um hello, we are Italian! Mama don't send you home unless you have a full belly!

A few years back, I started a lovely little Christmas Eve tradition. Instead of baring gifts, I personally come baring a delish cocktail that all of the ladies of the household (sorry fellas) get to enjoy while we mix, mingle, and celebrate the holiday jingle. 

I need your help this year! I'm trying to channel my inner Martha Stewart and can't decide what the happy hour special will be. So I figure, why not ask some fellow cocktail lovers. 

HELP ME PICK THE WINNER! But choose wisely. It could end up as a Pin Win or a Pin Bust. No pressure!

*Leave a comment below (by Dec. 20th) listing the cocktail you'd like to see this Pin Sister serve up! 


  1. CHERRY BOMB!!....Dirty Shirleys :) wohoo!

  2. oooohhhh!!! These all look amazing...but I'm going to go with the Egg Nog Martini!


  3. I second Angela! Cherry Bomb #DirtyShirley